Quality Assurance Approaches

The Alex Group implements a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program flexibly structured to meet the delivery and packaging needs of public clients.

The professionals performing Quality Assurance/Quality Control functions have sufficient experience and organizational autonomy to identify quality problems and to initiate, recommend and verify implementation of quality resolutions.

It is our goal to produce error-free design products that result in project completions conforming to all aspects of our clients’ needs and expectations.  Our focus includes technical criteria, accuracy of calculations, function, costs, schedule and overall project development and completion criteria.

Through the conscientious, cooperative efforts of individual design team reviews, The Alex Group achieves an extremely high standard of quality resulting in successful projects.  Essential elements of our quality approach include leadership, planning, building design skills, teamwork, training, accountability, communication and coordination.

Major Quality Program Emphasis

  • Communication:  Comprehensive communication through documentation and standardization of project memos, e-mails, telephone logs, and recorded meeting minutes involving the project team members, project manager and client.
  • Precise Documentation:  Careful step-by-step documentation detailing and outlining individual project requirements.
  • Professional Reviews:  Early and frequent project reviews performed by senior professional team members detailing process and technical project content
  • Schedule:  A design schedule illustrating forecasted versus actual progress maintained and reviewed during established project reviews.
  • Quality Reviews:  Project quality reviews encompass a general overview of the project completeness detailing calculations, procedures used, and reasonableness of conclusions.  This review will also include a detailed analysis of items of concern for the specific project.
  • Calculation Checks: Calculations will be reviewed and checked in accordance with established industry policies and procedures.  This includes an in-depth examination of calculations requiring a step-by-step check of individual line items or development of a separate set of review calculations.

Client Reviews

This ongoing process will establish an informal client review process throughout project development to ensure that the client has a thorough understanding of the project documentation.  Review comments will be documented and review teams will be established to discuss comments and resolutions.

The Alex Group assumes responsibility for the output of computer-performed calculations.  Program applications and data input will be checked in the same traditional manner as hand-prepared calculations.  Readouts or printouts will be checked for reasonableness and accurate transfer to hardcopy reports and documents.  Hard copies for all input data are stored in individual project files.  Plans, reports and other documents will be officially stamped, signed and dated by the responsible reviewer.

As an MEP firm, it is extremely important that we adhere to a set of rigid CADD standards to maximize efficiency.  The Alex Group has established CADD standards that streamline the production of CADD based design files throughout the company.  This quality approach serves to maintain project schedules and minimize the number of project changes.

Our Quality Assurance Program has been established as an internal evaluation system ensuring that each individual project manager and professional team member has implemented an effective QA/QC project standard appropriate to each project undertaken. Our Quality Control Program ensures that the project is successfully completed within the standards of the individual discipline and established profession.

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